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Selling your home for the best price with the least amount of issues is our priority.  We believe that the selling process should be easy and uncomplicated, with you the seller being informed and kept up to date throughout the listing/selling process. When you compare agencies you will find many differences.  With Michael Burr & Associates Pty Ltd you will find our methods friendly, fair and effective. Here Are A Few Tips 1. Employ an agent whose office is actually OPEN 7 Days A Week.  If an agent says 'we are available 7 days a week" that is just not good enough. 2. Make sure that your agent covers ALL marketing costs.  Many may offer discounted commissions but then slog you with a hefty marketing bill. 3. NEVER go to Auction.  Ask our consultants why! 4. Ensure that the selling price quoted at an appraisal is accurate - simply ask them to prove it. 5. Open homes are unnecessary.  You should only have qualified buyers through your home to prote...

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First impressions always count when marketing your property.  Here are a few tips that could make you thousands of dollars. 1. Fix any minor maintenance issues such as paint, holes in walls, leaks etc. 2. Complete any jobs that you have started. 3. Ensure that the lawns and gardens are neat and tidy and get rid of any outdoor clutter or garbage. 4. Remove any odours from inside the home including cigarette and animal smells. 5. Ensure that your home is kept neat and tidy at all times throughout the listing period in case a potential buyer wants to inspect at short notice. This basic presentation standard will help achieve a quicker, better result.  Always speak with your consultant to ensure that any improvements you make will not over capitalise your home.

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Marketing your property is an important part of the selling process.  We strongly believe that your selling agent should not charge you one cent until your property is sold, at a price that you are happy with.  You should also not be expected to pay extra for advertising your property in the newspaper or online. When you look for an agent, have a look at the "true" value the agent offers.  It is important to look at your net result, what you actually get in your pocket.  You will find that Michael Burr & Associates Pty Ltd will get you the best net result! See The Benefits Of Listing With Michael Burr & Associates Pty Ltd - Free Newspaper Advertising - Free Signage - Free Internet - Multiple Sites! - Office Open 7 Days A Week - Access To Our Whole Team - Not Just The Listing Agent

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